Learning About PCEDM Patient Advocacy Programs

Learning About PSEM Patient Advocacy Programs: Galing sa PSEM, Para sa inyo – REACHING OUT TO PATIENTS, AND MANY MORE
Gabriel V. Jasul, Jr., MD, FPCp, FPSEM

PSEM has taken patient advocacy another notch higher when it recently organized the first Philippine Thyroid Cancer Summit, dubbed PULONG PULONG UKOL SA BUKOL. The Summit, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last June 28, 2008, was attended by 120 thyroid cancer survivors with their families and marked the initial stages in the formation of the Philippine Thyroid Cancer Support Group. While this was initiated by the PSEM through its Patient Advocacy Committee and the Thyroid Working Group, the organization of the Thyroid Cancer Support Group is envisioned to be patient-driven with guidance and assistance from the PSEM.

This initial gathering brought to fore the pressing needs and concerns of the thyroid cancer patients in the country and was indeed a heart-warming experience for those present that afternoon. The attendees actively participated in the discussion and in planning the next course of action. Leaders were identified from the discussion groups and were tapped to form the organizing committee of the Thyroid Cancer Support Group. A meeting of these leaders has been set on August 16, 2008 at the PSEM office to finalize the plans for the support group. The Mission and Vision for the Thyroid Cancer Summit 2008 is presented here, together with the photographs taken during the June 28 event.

PSEM has made available a Thyroid Cancer Advocacy pin to drum up the campaign to increase public awareness about thyroid cancer and to improve the treatment of thyroid cancer in the country. Indeed, the Thyroid Cancer Advocacy pin symbolizes what the PSEM has envisioned as well-stated in the Mission and Vision and Objectives of the Thyroid Cancer Summit. We will keep everyone posted about this undertaking as we continue to look forward to a better future for thyroid cancer patients in the Philippines.



1. To increase public awareness of thyroid cancer
2. To improve understanding of the thyroid cancer among patients and their families
3. To intensify early diagnosis and optimum treatment of thyroid cancer
4. To involve patients and their families in the many phases of thyroid cancer treatment
5. To interact with other patients with thyroid cancer, their families and health professionals in a supportive environment

Philippine Thyroid Cancer Summit 2008
Crow ne Plaza Hotel, June 28, 2008



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