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St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City

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Vision: The leader in endocrine care and learning

The Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism of the St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City maintains a busy inpatient and outpatient consultation service, both in the private practice and social service setting. Inpatient and outpatient care of patients with diabetes mellitus constitutes the main bulk of daily activities of the consultants and fellows followed by thyroid diseases. A variety of other endocrine problems, including pituitary diseases, adrenal problems, bone, mineral and reproductive disorders, lipid and other metabolic problems are likewise seen regularly.

Given the variety of clinical cases even at the height of the pandemic, the section has ample opportunities for extensive patient care as well as for training and clinical research. Interaction and collaboration with other specialties and disciplines, including other Internal Medicine subspecialties, Surgical subspecialties, Dietary and Nursing services, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine are requisites of daily endocrine practice. Hence, the main thrusts of the activities of the section are centered on patient care, complemented by training of postgraduate fellows, residents, interns and students as well as relevant clinical endocrine research.

The training program started in January 1998 and was fully accredited in 1999. To date, the program has 53 graduates, with 100% passing rate in the PSBEDM certifying examinations.

Chief of Section
Dr. Gabriel V. Jasul Jr.

Training Officer
Dr. Celeste Ong-Ramos

Senior Fellows:

  • Dr. Maria Nikki C. Cruz
  • Dr. Alexis Roberto Y. Laforteza
  • Dr. Jennifer Lourdes DL. Ng
  • Dr. Antonio O. Pescador Jr.

Junior Fellows:

  • Dr. Nichole Andrea N. Bisquera
  • Dr. Albert Macaire C. Ong Lopez
  • Dr. Carissa Rae M. Mirano