University of Santo Tomas – Training Institution

The Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism of the University of Santo Tomas started in 1980 and the training program was granted full accreditation by the PCEDM in 2000. Since its establishment, a total of 64 fellows have graduated from the program. The section aims to provide the highest Thomasian standards for endocrine practice and patient care.

Start of the training program (Year)
Preceptorship program in 1985.
Probationary Status in 1998.
Full accreditation in 2000

Chief: Dr. Sjoberg A. Kho
Training Officer: Dr. Bien J. Matawaran


  • Dr. John Paul Martin D. Bagos
  • Dr. Joy M. Flores
  • Dr. Nenuel Angelo B. Luna
  • Dr. Jeannine Ann O. Salmon


  • Dr. Megan Margarethe DC. Balina
  • Dr. Mary Kenette P. Bello
  • Dr. Dylan Jansen V. Taytayon