De La Salle University Medical Center – Training Institution

The institution was granted permission to start an Endocrinology training program with a probationary status in 2021. The program is for full accreditation this second half of 2023.

Chief: Rosa Allyn Sy, MD
Assistant Chief: Juan Maria Ibarra Co, MD
Training Adviser: Ruby Go, MD
Chief Training Officer: Patrick Siy, MD
Training Officer: Ria Mari Sebastian-Siao, MD

Active Consultant Staff:
1. Romulo Ramos, MD
2. Buena Sapang, MD
3. Maria Patricia Maningat, MD
4. Cecilia Galang, MD

Visiting Consultant Staff:
1. Ednalyn Aviles, MD
2. Eduardo Aquino, MD
3. Mark Henry Joven, MD
4. Paulette Nakpil-Dominguez, MD
5. Lermah Bunoy, MD
6. Edison So, MD
7. Augusto Litonjua, MD

1. Precious C. See
2. Joebeth S. Tabora