New Toy from The East

Ronald Chua, MD

The East Avenue Medical Center has always been in the forefront in the delivery of quality healthcare services to patients, especially to those who are marginalized and underprivileged.  Our institution has continually sought to upgrade its facilities and equipment in order to further improve the services that are being offered.  Our latest improvement has been the purchase of a new Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scan that will enhance our ability to assess and diagnose osteoporosis.

The Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, together with the Section of Rheumatology, Section of Nephrology, and Section of Medical Oncology joined the blessing and the inauguration of the Bone Densitometry Unit last October 19, 2023.  This celebration was attended by the chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, Dr. Samuel Duran; the Medical Center Chief, Dr. Alfonso Nuñez; and the Chief of the Medical and Professional Services (CMPS), Dr. Allan Troy Baquir.

This new machine will definitely enhance our care for our community, being especially beneficial to those patients who are either at risk for, or who are already osteoporotic.  They will be able to have their scans done at a very affordable price.  As a bonus, our endocrinology fellows-in-training will be able to have hands-on learning on the use and operation of the DXA and its applicability to osteoporotic patients.

As always, we at East Avenue Medical Center will strive to uphold our primary goal of “providing quality medical care and treatment to patients irrespective of sex, socio-economic status and religious creed.”


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