GIZMOZ AND GADGETS – Ang makulay na daigdig ng Diabetes

GIZMOZ AND GADGETS – Ang makulay na daigdig ng Diabetes
Mia c. Fojas, MD, FPCp, DPSEM

Vein Mapping
For those patients who have had regular “fasting-blood-chemistry-panel-hellextractions”, soon enough your worries might be over. Introducing to you, the Accuvein AV300, helping health professionals find difficult to access veins.

The AV300 is a non-contact hand held vein-illuminating device that enables health professionals see a vein map of hard-to-find veins.

Hemoglobin is detected and highlighted, being scanned up to 8mm below the skin surface to locate for peripheral veins. This gadget weighs only 10 ounces and uses a point and click technology, switching from hand held to handsfree mode so one could perform the venipuncture.

“In fast-paced environments like the ER or in ambulances, reducing the time to access veins and ensuring other tests are conducted and medication is provided quickly is paramount to improving patient care outcomes,” said Dr. Diane Sixsmith, Chairman of New York Hospital Queens. Aside from the benefits in emergency situations, multiple venipunctures could be avoided and thus, reduce patient discomfort and anxiety. On the other hand, decreasing the need for multiple needlesticks would economically be beneficial to the laboratory or hospital.

As for observers, looking into vein maps could be enjoyable as well, for as long as you don’t get to be the one punctured.

For more information on AccuVein AV300, please visit

Fertility Gadget
No, it won’t make you fertile. But for couples trying to have a baby, meet the DuoFertilityfertility monitoring gadget. This uses a more advanced method of monitoring the basal body temperature (claims to be 99% accurate) to determine when one would most likely be fertile enough to get pregnant up to 6 days in advance. This way, couples could plan intercourse ahead of time. DuoFertility consists of a small sensor and a hand held reader. The sensor is actually a patch measuring approximately 3 cm in diameter that can be placed under a woman’s arm near her bra strap. Roughly 20,000 temperature measurements can be collected by the sensor the entire day. Data is then sent to the reader which will show a fertility light scale. The reader has an included software, generating temperature graphs for each menstrual cycle. No need to install anything into the computer since the software runs from the reader itself. This gadget comes with a “Pregnant in 12 months or your money back!” guarantee. Offer ends 20th September 2009.

The price? £495 – including free shipping and VAT.

For more information, please visit


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