Mia C. Fojas, MD, FPCP, DPSEM

After 46 years, the PSEM has created its own website that’s up and running.

Conceptualized in 2006 under the guidance of the society’s president, Dr. Rosa Allyn Sy, the PSEM at last has it’s own independent website that would cater to the needs of the society’s members, health professionals and the lay interested in knowing more about hormones, diabetes, the thyroid, and other endocrine disorders.

The website’s mainpage has the following in focus:

… shows important announcements to all PSEM Members and Endocrine trainees.

… are for both health and non-health professionals who would like to know what the society has in store for everyone. More updated articles will also be added to address issues with regard to emerging therapies and supplements.

… contains the “scoop” of what happened during each of PSEM’s activities during the past quarter.

… is for all health professionals interested in bringing themselves up to date with regard to recent results of randomized controlled trials, and both international and local endocrine research outputs. These are divided according to the following topics: Diabetes, Thyroid, Adipose Tissue and Metabolic Syndrome, General Endocrine Conditions.

… is an exclusive portion of the website for the incumbent President of the PSEM.

On the right column, after the main page, selecting on “About Us” would direct you to the following:

• History of PSEM, wherein one could also down load or view “PSEM at 45 years,” summarizing the society’s achievements in a 5-minute video,
• Mission and Vision of PSEM, with its summary in the “PSEM Hymn,” composed by Drs. Bien Matawaran and Nemencio Nicodemus, Jr., and arranged by one of PSEM’s friends, Mr. Noel Espenida. The hymn can also be down loaded as video both in this site and in Youtube. (See Dra. Rosa Allyn Sy sing the hymn!),
• By-Laws, which has been updated in 2007 as approved by the Board of Directors can be down loaded in portable disk format (.pdf) style, and
• Our Leaders portion shows the year’s Officers and Board of Directors, Philippine Society Board of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees, Past Presidents and Life Fellows.

“How to Join” specifies the different membership categories within the organization. Membership requirements, as mentioned in the by – laws are enumerated. The four institutions for Endocrinology fellowship training are also mentioned in this area, with their corresponding email addresses.

“Our Members” is probably one of the most helpful portions for those looking for an endocrinologist in their area. The members can be searched according to their membership classification, clinic address, contact numbers, and email addresses. Hopefully soon, we will be including pictures in this field.

“Advocacy Links for the Lay” is the website’s portion wherein materials for teaching diabetes, thyroid diseases, osteoporosis and obesity can be downloaded in .pdf format (not in .ppt). Acrobat Reader (also freely downloadable from the PSEM website) is needed to use all these teaching materials. PSEM’s exclusive Hormone Hotspots Magazine can also be down loaded here.

“Position Statements” shows the society’s stand regarding important issues in the management of different metabolic problems, such as Diabetes.

“Research Grants and Awards” shows the different study grants and studies that are on-going as funded by the society, different pharmaceutical companies and partner organizations.

“Contact Us” has a comment area where one could post to the webmaster important questions for as long as there is a validated return email address. This also contains the address, contact numbers and e-mail address of the PSEM.

… contains links to the most recent Clinical Practice Guidelines issued by partner endocrine societies locally and internationally, and Research Papers done by the society’s members. Research papers have been classified according to subject and are also searchable. For now, however, the publications are only available for diplomates and fellows of the society.

“From the Gallery” contains fun pictures of each of PSEM’s activities through the years.

On the right column, upcoming Events are announced. Events, include the PSEM Annual Convention, Lay fora, Interhospital Grand Rounds, etc.

The Calendar helps both members and non – members schedule their activities for the year, so as not to miss important pursuits for continuing medical education and training.

The website, is quite young and more information will be available soon. Currently, the PSEM’s website committee is working on releasing a ‘ Forum where everyone can post questions and get the answer from an expert, or just simply talk about “anything endocrine”.

Hope you can visit the site soon!

The PSEM Website Committee (PSEM Spideys) would like to thank everyone in the society who helped in its creation, including members of the secretariat, Pia and Victor.

The website was developed with the help of Mr. Jim Sanchez of Rave Studios.

See more Endocrine Hotspots Editions at

Brought to you by the Philippine College of Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism (PCEDM)
IG: @endocsociety
Twitter: @EndoSoc_ph

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