Stem Cell Articles

  Ano ba ang mga stem cells?
   Who’s who? How to tell the stem cell good guys from the bad guys  


Nanganganib ka bang magkaroon ng diabetes? Ano ang mga sintomas ng diabetes? Ano ang mga uri ng diabetes? Ano ang Diabetes? Maligayang Pakikinig Kay Endocrine Witch!    

Diabetes is Incurable But Can Be Managed

By: Dr. Michael L. Villa   Although some of the world’s best scientists have been working on it for decades, a permanent and complication-free cure for type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus has yet to be developed.  

Insulin Helps You Live Life to the Fullest

By: Dr. Rosa Allyn G. Sy   Many people with diabetes are wary of taking insulin for a variety of reasons. These include the belief that taking insulin represents a personal failure, insulin is not effective, insulin causes complications or even death, insulin injections are painful as well as fear of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar…

Keys to Diabetes Control

By: Dr. Cynthia H. Manabat   Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite foods and eat a complicated, unappetizing diet. You just need to make smart food choices and eat in moderation. The foods that are healthy for people with diabetes are also good choices for the rest…



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