Valentine’s Day Special

by Ceryl Cindy Tan, MD


It was Valentine’s Day just recently, and you might be needing some inspiration in helping you start a conversation with someone you like. Here, we’ve gathered a few cheesy lines for the hopeless romantic endocrinologist in you.


Insulin ka ba?


Kasi bakit lahat ng sweetness ko, tinatanggihan mo?



Thyroid hormones ka ba?


Dahil simula nang pumasok ka sa buhay ko, hindi na ako nakakatulog, palagi na lang akong kinakabahan at bumibilis ang tibok ng puso ko. Nangangayayat ako kaiisip sa’yo!



Babe, thank you for being my cortisol.


I mean, thank you for always being my stress-buster! Without you, my life would be in crisis!



Hypothyroid ako, levothyroxine ka ba?


Kasi ikaw ang inuuna ko araw-araw. I feel weak without you!



Kung ako ay AI, ikaw ang aking steroids.

Bakit naman?

Dahil ikaw ang first line therapy ng buhay ko!



Happy Heart’s Day!

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