HEHEHEHENDO: People You Meet at the Clinic

Words by Maria Nikki Cruz, MD
Art by Carmen Carina Cabrera, MD

Click/Tap on each patient to reveal their endocrinopathy.
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People You Meet At The Clinic

People You Meet At The Clinic
Majin-boo Jack Skellington Chewbacca Frankenstein's monster 7 Dwarfs


As powerful as he is, he likes to eat and overeat.
He is obese, as you can see. He also has a 10% HbA1c.

Jack Skellington

Believe it or not, he is a protagonist.
He is sometimes unhappy, maybe because he has osteoporosis.


He is almost Han Solo's next of kin.
Whoa, look at all the hair from that hirsute skin.

Frankenstein's monster

He looks like he is 8 feet tall.
Is he really man-made or maybe it's gigantism after all?

7 Dwarfs

When Snow White met them in the woods, they were hidden.

Their dwarfism made them look like children.


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