Message from the President

Welcome to the PCEDM home page where you will find information about our activities which are guided by the PCEDM mission – “We are Filipino physicians serving the people through quality patient care, excellent education, and relevant research in endocrinology.”

Inside the  pages, you will see the rich history of PCEDM and how a small group of intrepid believers  in 1962 established PCEDM and how they were able to transform it into a community of research-oriented and compassionate endocrinologists.  Our vision is to optimize the health outcomes for all endocrine patients.

PCEDM Website will continue its advocacy in EDUCATING our patients and professionals through medical infographics, updates, journals, clinical guidelines and case reports. The site will also provide a valuable platform for cooperation, NETWORKING and for sharing knowledge among members, ENGAGING  members and partners in the health care industry.

Everyone is encouraged to browse the calendar of activities and be updated with all the significant local and international conferences,  conventions and medical events, social events and outreach programs.

All these significant events will be recorderd and documented and can be viewed through this portal, culminating the PCEDM 60th anniversary in 2022.

The website will also provide a detailed directory of our local endocrinologists for easy access.

Let us continue to connect as we surf together through this website to view see the present and future of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

Michael L. Villa, MD, FPCP, FPCEDM
PCEDM President