Message from the President

Welcome to the official website of the Philippine College of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

We are Filipino endocrinologists serving you.  We are PCEDM –  the specialists in diabetes, thyroidology, obesity, adrenals and pituitary conditions, bone health, and reproductive endocrinology.

It is our honor to provide you with the latest news and updates regarding various endocrine conditions.  In this site, we showcase the different activities of the PCEDM including lay fora which are spearheaded by our advocacy councils,  and scientific endeavors. 

We have the Endocrine Hotspots and Endocrine Updates sites which can be easily read with a click of the links and once inside, you can comfortably navigate through the different pages of our magazines.  The articles in these publications are the works of our member endocrinologists and, thus, are verifiable sources of information. 

The details of our College are in the different tabs in this website.  Feel free to check our core values, mission and vision, and the profiles of our 12 training institutions.  We are continuously increasing our fellowship programs to answer the need to supply endocrine specialty in key parts of the country.

As we aim to be your partners in healthcare, we have a dedicated search system for names of endocrinologists you may wish to consult.  Click the Find and Endocrinologist button and start the search which can be filtered by name, hospital, or region/place of practice.

For queries, you may send us an email.  Our contact details are at the bottom of our homepage.

We are PCEDM – your allies in endocrine care.

Aurora G. Macaballug, MD,