Message from the President

Warmest greetings to all PCEDMers!

In today’s complex and fast-changing world, the role of communication in organizations has greatly evolved. More than ever, communication is recognized as a critical and key contributor to goal achievement. Thus, we have good reason to celebrate having the Endocrine Updates as the official bridge of information for the PCEDM.

This newsletter shall serve as the official bearer of news and messages from the society as envisioned by Dr Cynthia Halili Manabat in 1998 under the leadership of Dr Ruby Go. As such, it is hoped that communication will flow with strength and clarity from the society to its target readers. Ultimately, the bigger end in mind is to support the society in achieving its set goals.

The inclusiveness and diversity of the multigenerational staff under the leadership of the present Editor in Chief,  Dr Aurora Macaballug is a greater cause for excitement. Harnessing the best from each of the many generations of staffers will surely yield significant ideas, points of views and insights. This rich mix will inevitably result to a newsletter that will surely be worth our time and attention as it will also make meaningful contributions in this day and age.

Congratulations to the present team of Endocrine Updates!

All the best !

Carolyn Narvacan – Montano, MD