2022 Annual Convention - Day 1

Opening Ceremony


Plenary 1,
Augusto Litonjua, MD: De Fronzo’s Ominous Octet of Diabetic Kidney Disease


Plenary 2,
William Young, MD: Case-Based Updates on Endocrine Hypertension


Snack Symposium 1 (MSD),
Mia Fojas, MD: Do not be a Statistic: Shield from Diabetes during this Pandemic


Snack Symposium 2 (Viatris),
Bien Matawaran, MD: Statin Therapy In DM: Comparing Apples to Oranges?


Snack Symposium 3 (Abbott Laboratories),
Jeremyjones Robles, MD: A New Age of Diabetes Management with Continuous Glucose Monitoring


Snack Symposium 4 (Natrapharm),
Ma. Cecile Cruz, MD: Revisiting The Efficacy of Sitagliptin through the Life Course


Concurrent Symposium 1: Updates and Controversies in Endocrinology

Laura Acampado, MD: Diagnosis and Management of Critical Illness-Related Corticosteroid Insufficiency (CIRCI)

Mark Anthony Sandoval, MD: Bisphosphonate Drug Holiday in Osteoporosis: Who, When and How Long?

Susana Campos, MD: Human Fetal Exposure to Environmental Endocrine Disruptors


Concurrent Symposium 2: Perioperative Evaluation and Clinical Management of Endocrine Disorders

Leilani Mercado-Asis, MD: Perioperative Management of Patients with Adrenal Tumors

Mia Fojas, MD: Perioperative Care of Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Gabriel Jasul Jr, MD: Perioperative Nutrition, Metabolic and Non-Surgical Support of Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery


Plenary 3: Flawed Endocrine System in COVID-19

Mary Anne Lim-Abrahan, MD: Why are People Developing Diabetes after having COVID-19?

Sjoberg Kho, MD: How does COVID-19 Impact the Thyroid?

Rosa Allyn Sy, MD: Why are People with Obesity More Vulnerable to COVID-19?


Dinner Symposium 1 (Sanofi),
Bien Matawaran, MD: Ending Vicious Cycle: The Place of Insulin Therapy in the Face of Healthcare Challenges


Dinner Symposium 2 (Zuellig Pharma-Lilly),
Prof. Santiago Tofe: Heart of the Matter: Preventing Cardiovascular Events in Type 2 Diabetes with Dulaglutide


Dinner Symposium 3 (Abbott Laboratories),
Irmingarda Gueco, MD: Practices in T2DM and Chronic Kidney Disease Management: Decide What Is Right!


Dinner Symposium 4 (Astra Zeneca)

Rommel Crisenio Lobo, MD, Roentgene Solante, MD: COVID-19 Updates on Vaccine and Treatment