Our Mission

“Leaders and partners towards excellence in endocrinology for quality patient care.”

Our Vision

Quality endocrine care, education and research in every region of the Philippines by 2020 through engagement of its members and partners.

Our Values


Intellectual honesty and a deep sense of professionalism distinguish us.

  • We keep an open mind to ideas but are uncompromising on matters of principle.
  • We resolutely adhere to the noblest standards of ethics in relating with people and in practicing Medicine

Caring Service

Intermediaries of God and man in sustaining life.

  • We caringly serve the sick to the best of our ability.
  • Concern for our mutual growth at PSEM makes us deal with one another in candor.
  • We share knowledge as we endeavor to advance endocrine care in our country.


  • We respect human dignity and thus accord all patients humane treatment
  • Respectful of diversity and individual capabilities, we can function alternately at PSEM as effective leaders and followers, the secret of our successful teamwork.
  • We strictly observe punctuality, our courtesy to other people’s time.
  • Meritorious deeds and contributions by our colleagues earn our highest esteem.


  • We are focused achievers who are passionate about responsibility.
  • We keep our needs simple but our ideal lofty, the keys to our reliability even in crisis.
  • PSEDM ideals shall never die: we keep them fresh through constant renewal.
  • Happiness to us means being viewed by our patients, their families, our peers and the public as Trustworthy (Maaasahan).


Ministering to life demands our best.

  • Thus, we continuously seek new knowledge to be always at our best.
  • Our mentors, champions of excellence, inspiringly enhance out knowledge and skills.
  • We repay them by enthusiastically cascading our learning to our colleagues.