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The website promotes the PSEDM to all members of the healthcare team as it highlights our advocacies, our researches as well as events, which articulate the core values and vision of our society. More so, it allows everyone to access the most recent clinical practice guidelines, patient educational materials and selected lecture slides from our members presented during national and international symposia that will surely benefit students, professionals and patients alike. The domain, likewise, serves as a venue for you to be linked to an endocrinologist who can best tend to your endocrine and diabetes condition.

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Feel free to communicate with us as we strive to make all our endeavors stronger and relevant. Our mission and vision, though seems lofty, but with your involvement, will surely come into fruition all in due time.

Again, we are the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, at your service!

President, PSEDM